YouMeWe: Lead Tomorrow’s Legacy Today – Suzanne Stevens, CSP and MENTOR MASTER!

YouMeWe: Lead Tomorrow’s Legacy Today – Suzanne Stevens, CSP and MENTOR MASTER!


Saturday, May 12

Suzanne Stevens followed by MENTOR MASTER (Live in Saskatoon)

Is your speaking business fulfilling your desire to make the difference you want to see in the world? Or are you distracted with what you need to do to generate an income, rather than what you want to do to stimulate your most meaningful life?

You can do both.

Our purpose, values and vision emanate from who ‘Me’ be and who ‘We’ want to be. Weaving your gifts and how you want to contribute can ignite your company, clients, community and beyond.

Suzanne F Stevens, CSP will take you on a journey of how to weave community conscious contributions™ into your life, and your speaking business. In addition, we will discuss how to collaborate with your clients and CAPS colleagues to optimize your conscious contributions™ — in effect, lead tomorrow’s legacy today.


Suzanne Stevens

Suzanne F. Stevens, CSP ignites conscious contributors™ to lead tomorrow’s legacy today.

Suzanne doesn’t just talk about leading tomorrow’s legacy today; she has taken bold moves to live it. In 2016, fourteen years after founding and leading the Ignite Excellence Inc. Group of Initiatives as President and CEO, she reorganized her consulting team and rebranded her organization to the YouMeWe Group of Initiatives. She moved the business focus from influencing, differentiating and engaging more people and winning more business to celebrating, cultivating and co-creating conscious contributions™.  Suzanne is the founder of YouMeWe, the social enterprise, the movement, the foundation, and Wisdom Exchange TV and IgniteMe.

See more about Suzanne at www.suzannefstevens.com



You know some of our best learning in this business comes from stuff our colleagues have already figured out that they share. Some our best coaching on new ideas, stories or templates come from our colleagues in our chapter.

This is the time to take ridiculous advantage of each other!  Bring your 20 minutes of new material you want to try out and gain feedback. Or bring a question/dilemma that you wish to share and hear our two cents!

There are no guidelines – how can we help you?

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