Welcome to the updated CAPS SK website!

Welcome to the updated CAPS SK website!

“May you find yourself with ever more opportunities to deliver your message to those who really need to hear it.”
This was my wish to my CAPS colleagues as we began 2017. If you are viewing this site, you may be looking for those opportunities as well and would like to be affiliated with an organization that can help you achieve your speaking/facilitating/training goals. At CAPS-SK you will not only find a place where you Belong! but members will Share! their speaking and business experience so that you can Learn! and Grow! I encourage you to

  • contact myself or the Membership chair if you have questions
  • attend one of our programs as a guest to see what we have to offer
  • decide right now that CAPS is for you and become a member.

Learn! Share! Grow! Belong!
Carolyn Schur
2017 President, CAPS-SK

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